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We're pleased to announce the theme for our LA event is Future Cities.





Learn Do Share (formerly known as diy days) returns to Hub LA for 3 days full of talks, workshops, labs, hacks, and networking. The event is focused on how storytelling, play, design thinking, and creativity can be harnessed as an engine for social innovation and civic engagement throughout Los Angeles.


This year’s theme is FUTURE CITIES

Join us as we explore how we can prototype new ways citizens can productively work with government. Learn Do Share LA will engage community activists, data scientists, policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs, and storytellers in an effort to tackle city-wide challenges. Through the use of open data, and our collaborative design process, we will create design challenges that will inform the newly created Civic Innovation Lab in Los Angeles.



(see full details below)

Oct 10 & 11th
Open Design Session for the Civic Innovation Lab
(50 participants requires application)

Oct 12th
Learn Do Share LA Public Day (200+ participants – FREE event)


Learn Do Share LA – Public Day

Sunday, Oct 12th – at Hub LA
10:00AM – 6:00PM
Public Day (200+ people)

Join us for Public Day that engages a diverse group of citizens in a participatory design process that focuses on empathy, storytelling, and play in order to craft detailed design challenges.


Learn Do Share’s public day consists of a 3 act structure

LEARN (keynotes, case studies and fire side chats)

DO (workshops, labs and hacks)

SHARE (a collaborative action by the day’s participants)


Public Day Oct 12th Program Highlights



6 Generations in Los Angeles – a look at 140+ years in LA
The story of the BUKE – a community comes together to build a bike powered bus designed by a former group of high school dropouts.
Open Design – shaping urban landscapes with story, play, collaboration & tech
Smart City Big Data – a look at the emerging futures of LA


Hacking the Accelerator an exploration into Civic Innovation where city, citizens and collaborative design meet
Immersion and Empathy Nonny de la Peña pulls back the curtain on her work and process in the VR space
Build a Mystery Box Join Lance Weiler and Unicef for a hands on session that harnesses storytelling and play as tools for discovery based education.
How to Impact Community Engagement with Data Design How do our emotions qualify, or validate, the conclusions coming out of research driven by Big Data?
LA2050 open session step into a collaborative session designed for social entrepreneurs


2114 an immersive play experience designed by a 13 year-old game designer looks at the future of LA.
Play Test the Future special session with Jeff Watson and his team enables participants to step into a future design space.
Build the BUKE a fun social session that enables participants to help build the newest BUKE prototype.




Learn Do Share Open Design Session, Los Angeles
(Limited to 50 people)

Friday, Oct 10th & Saturday, Oct 11th – at Hub LA
10:00AM – 6:00PM

Join a group of diverse thinkers & doers (storytellers, game designers, hackers, educators, policy makers, community leaders, architects, scientists, futurists, and students) for a special two day Learn Do Share Lab, prior to the Public Day, to build Civic Innovation Lab, Los Angeles.

We will harness storytelling, play, design thinking, collaboration and co-entrepreneurship as tools for social innovation. Space is limited to 50 participants so slots can fill quickly.

Civic Innovation Lab, Los Angeles – part design lab, part community caucus, part accelerator of urban solutions – is dedicated to the development of real solutions designed with and for communities throughout Los Angeles. Powered by Hub LA and Learn Do Share, CI lab will pilot a new model for civic engagement and the acceleration of urban solutions utilizing available government data and the ingenuity of engaged citizen stakeholders over a ten month period.




We are looking for volunteers to help us with registration, speaker coordination, social media, AV / Tech support, photographers and folks to shoot video. It’s because of people sharing their time and talent as volunteers that we’re able to keep the events FREE. Not only do you help the event but its a great way to meet new people and potential collaborators. For more info please contact us at collaborate@learndoshare.net



We are looking for writers, graphic designers, photographers, copy editors, data scientists and creative technologists for a special book series that will be produced from the Los Angeles labs / events.

The book series captures design and storytelling experiments that come out of our labs and events. It’s a narrative exploration into our ethos and open collaborative design process. The results are rather unusual look-do-and-think-books that explore the methods we used, pitfalls we encountered and lessons we learned when we try all kinds of games and methods to trigger social and civic innovation.



Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals this year. We’re currently reviewing and will be in touch very soon. We received some wonderful workshop, lab and hack concepts.

  • Coming soon speaker info coming soon

    We’re currently shaping the program for the LA event. If you know of potential speakers or workshop ideas that would work with our theme please contact us.

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